Architecture, Graphic Design & Art Converge in a Restaurant of Intuitive Eccentricity in Bangkok

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With the motto "Making your everyday a Sunday", the aptly named “Sundays” is a quirky restaurant and café in Bangkok, Thailand, that pays as much attention to ambience and comfort as it does to food and drinks.

Conceived by local design practice FLAT12X as an art-centric venue, the restaurant purposefully eschews the generic aesthetic of bland sleekness and polished orderliness embraced by the hospitality industry, in favor of an intuitive, almost erratic sensibility that marks the confluence of architecture, graphic design and art. In fact, Sundays’ idiosyncratic design can best be described as a visual stream-of-consciousness. Taking over two vacant shops on the ground floor of a nondescript modern building in central Bangkok, the designers have unleashed their creativity in order to transform the un-distinctive space into a lively restaurant with a zany personality.

In FLAT12X's approach to interio design, cohesion is a value to be challenged rather than worshipped. Thus, a diverse mixture of whimsical styles and artefacts, from vintage furniture, to retro knickknacks and memorabilia, is cheerfully integrated with the industrial vibe of the stripped down interiors. Meanwhile, an eclectic collection of paintings and drawings specially created for the project, some framed, some stuck to the walls with tape, and lots of unruly plans, further enrich the visual cornucopia that Sundays’ patrons are embraced by. Flower bouquets hanging upside down, old television sets turned into aquariums, crystal chandeliers paired with factory lamps, and a screed floor with random ceramic tile inlays, are just a few of the enchanting oddities that aim to inspire the imagination.

The same no-holds-barred approach was used in the design of the shop front, whose existing run-of-the-mill, corporate appearance has been turned on its head by treating the pillars and steel beams as a canvas to be painted over. The overflowing colourful abstractions in conjunction with the decorative patterns on the entrance doors and the turquoise bathtub on the sidewalk, joyfully proclaim that this is no ordinary establishment.

Completing Sundays’ unique identity is FLAT12X's graphic design. Encompassing everything from the restaurant’s brand identity, logo and signage, to the packaging of all foods and beverages, the graphics are an organic extension of the restaurant's décor and artworks that exemplify the venue's passion for individuality and self-expression with exactly the same flair.

Architecture, Graphic Design & Art Converge in a Restaurant of Intuitive Eccentricity in Bangkok