Technological Innovation

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Hengqin International Science and Technology Innovation Center

How to integrate technological innovation with commerce and create a technological innovation

ecosystem is the most important proposition of designers.

The central planning of the building space is the guest area of the conference, but due to the

original defects of the building, this place that people should feel open and comfortable is

suppressed. In order to meet the functional needs of the region, designers used a device

approach to enclose the stairwells as a box. The white lines were transparent and bright under

the lights, breaking the sense of oppression in the space and creating an artistic space for

installation. , Become the main visual highlight of the negotiation area.

A technological innovation ecosystem is inseparable from people and nature. The existence of

green walls strengthens the connection between man and nature and space. Space cannot be cut

off from the city. It should be a part of the linkage with the entire city. It is a field of dialogue with

nature and people. Designers use this as a starting point to use digital technology to reconstruct

the concept of the blue sky and display a future ecological city. These futuristic transparent lines

enrich the space that can touch emotions and interact with the environment.

The Science Park is also the closest place to contact with the future. It carries human thinking on

wisdom, the linkage between modernity and the future, and the integration of architecture and

urban environment. Therefore, designers use the use of light to connect each small space into a

large flow space by connecting lines in series, which outlines the future technology center.

The light hidden in the wall, pouring down in the gap, leads people into the depths of the visual

vision, it gives the space more vertical feeling, driving the atmosphere of the whole space. And

the dotted light on the wall to draw the outline of the world map, expressing the continent of the

sea for people and polymerization, the wisdom of the soul of the spark in the world every corner

of the glittering design vision.

The relationship between architecture and cities has also been well-interpreted. The society itself

is a combination of multiple individuals. The designer used this as an inspiration to create an

artistic device with a futuristic sense. The material is acrylic. The arrangement of the cubes

symbolizes the historical development of the city and the humanities and society, meaning

creation and order. The stacking of squares reveals the taste of the city of the future digital, walks

in the abstract, and the tall and straight design throughout the world makes people stand as if

they are in the future.

Technological Innovation