The Rocks

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur
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Student housing at Royal Institute of Technology

The new design for student accommodation at the Royal Institute of Technology derives its inspiration from the unique character of the local landscape with fault line slopes and rugged features. The aim is to give the area the character of a campus with blockboard housing structures which blend into the topography. In addition, the project focused on the views and transitions between the natural character of the landscape and landscaped park. The project was conducted in close collaboration with Semrén & Månsson Arkitekter.

The boundary between the landscape and the buildings is important and sharp. This applies both where landscape meets building as well as where the landscape meets hard landscape. The materials used in the design are strong and simple which blend with the materiality and character of the buildings.

The oak’s ecological cycle is the inspiration for the design of the landscape. The crowns of the trees form a dense unity round the buildings. The evergreen pines together with oaks and birches (all characteristic trees at Royal Institute of Technology) create the green character of the area. Between the buildings, two spaces with opposite characters are created. First, Kilen, comes as a paved, strong horizontal feeling and the second, Tallgården, with the soft, green and vertical as concept. Together, they link the west, with its natural landscape and the east, with its landscaped park

The Rocks