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Venice Meets Tokyo

Visual Display starts a new creative journey with Slowear Venezia for the design of its stores, that begins with the opening of the store in Marunouchi – the most sophisticated and contemporary heart of Tokyo – and aims to renew and reinforce the image of the brand while respecting the values that till now have distinguished Slowear Venezia: tailoring, Italianness, style and hospitality.

Slowear Venezia is the all-Italian multi-brand retail concept with 29 stores that has already conquered the world's leading shopping capitals (from Milan to NYC, from Seoul to London), -

"A constantly evolving project aimed at creating a set of feasible and coherent solutions to be used from time to time according to the individual locations (...)" Visual Display

"Less austerity, more eclecticism, the new soul of Slowear Venezia stores is unrestrained from certain patterns and is enriched with new gestures, materials, suggestions." Visual Display

The simple and rigorous architectural space is characterized by a vaguely retrò color palette that combines the soft gray of the walls facing the street and the deep blue of the fitting rooms with the bordeaux of the seating area. The ceiling, outlined by the geometries of the lighting system, is managed with adjustable spotlights that provide theatrical exposure. The curved shop windows in wood and burnished brass, the columns covered in full-length mirrors and the materiality of the floor, made of cement tiles hand-decorated by local artisans, add that touch of style and attention to detail typically Italian.

The interior space reflects the vision of the brand, the attention to the quality of the product and the desire to allow the customer to live a unique experience. A circular internal flow, which alternates pure display areas with more curious one, leads the client to an ever-greater degree of intimacy as moving away from the street front, stimulating movement and the gradual discovery of spaces.

The double-sided bookcase is inspired by the design of the '50s. It takes on a new central role with respect to space, becoming an exhibition space and giving intimacy to the lounge area.

The lounge, which has always been a distinctive feature of the Slowear Venezia stores, remains the place reserved for conviviality, with a small coffee and Prosecco service always available, magazines and photo books to browse and all the time needed for taking a break that is also a moment of discovery, cultural enrichment, and sharing.

Slowear Venezia