Christian de Vietri’s New Sculpture Named ‘Between Heaven and Earth’

Christian de Vietri
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Australian artist Christian de Vietri, has created ‘Between Heaven and Earth’, a public sculpture for the Zhengzhou Grand Emporium, a new mixed-use development in Zhengzhou, China.

When describing the sculpture, Christian de Vietri says, “In the tradition of meditation, one of the most important teachings is that yogic power (creative energy) arises from inner peace, from the silent meditative mind. ‘Between Heaven and Earth’ serves as a reference point for us to locate that experience within ourselves. Flowing yet still, stormy yet silent, potent yet gentle, monumental yet light. To unify these apparent contradictions in a singular sculptural form opens space to align with the deepest nature of our own human experience, that which is beyond opposites, the non-dual essence of reality”.

Standing at 7.8 meters tall and 9.8 meters wide, the sculpture combines the contradictory features of dynamism and stillness, evoking a calm and meditative experience.

Fabricated by UAP in panel beaten stainless steel, the complex curves were crafted to maintain the fluidity of line and seamless flow of the work.

Christian de Vietri’s New Sculpture Named ‘Between Heaven and Earth’