renzo piano plans new architecture campus for politecnico di milano

renzo piano building workshop
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italian architect renzo piano has drawn up plans for a new university campus, which is scheduled to open in milan in 2020.

described as a ‘gift to the city,’ the project sees the creation of a new campus for politecnico di milano — where piano studied in the 1960s. the site includes two buildings designed by fellow alumnus gio ponti: the ‘trifoglio’ building and the more conventionally shaped ‘nave.’ both structures will be restored and revitalized as part of the project.

fittingly, the politecnico’s new complex will serve as the school’s new architecture campus, focusing on research and innovation in the field. renzo piano, working alongside ottavio di blasi & partners who developed piano’s original concept, has designed unobtrusive new buildings that are partially submerged below ground. the new buildings contain an architectural modelling lab and digital and design technologies, in addition to classrooms and supplementary study areas.

topped with an accessible terrace, the structures take on a low profile and are surrounded by a forest of over 130 trees. to finance the project, the politecnico is seeking to raise money through a fundraising campaign — €6 million of which has already been accounted for. demolition work on site began in august 2018, with construction work now underway. the project is expected to complete in 2020.

renzo piano plans new architecture campus for politecnico di milano