Coogee House Offers Privacy in the Open

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A site that is exposed to strong ocean winds, salt spray from the Pacific, and harsh sunlight doesn’t exactly sound like the ideal place to build a luxury home, yet Chenchow Little Architects did just that

The Coogee house is located on a steep slope just outside of Sydney, Australia. The owners of the property had already been living there for a number of years, which allowed them to fine-tune exactly what they wanted from their new home.

The lot provides panoramic views of the Pacific, and the house takes full advantage of those views with shaded internal and external living areas.

The tent-like roof combines with battened screen walls to provide both shade and privacy. The screen is made of dark bronze anodized aluminium. From the outside, as you peer into the home, your eye will pick up on layers, eventually giving you glimpses of the three flights of concrete stairs. The effect is that of a veil, which can be retracted in some areas.

The main focus of the living area is the kitchen, where views of the Pacific ocean are the most spectacular. Because of the way the home is built, neighbouring properties are blocked from sight, giving a greater sense of privacy. Shooting off from the kitchen is a small but intimate family room. Bedrooms and bathrooms are on a different level, which also includes the rear garden.

The house makes you feel as if you are completely alone, despite being in an established neighbourhood.

Coogee House Offers Privacy in the Open

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