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The first thing that catches the eye visitor restaurant - gourmet or just a hungry man - is the interior of the restaurant and cafe, so the architects Match Architects studio was a very important task: the interior design of the restaurant Friendly, which breaks all the stereotypes that cheap food can not be of high quality and delicious!

After listening to all the needs of customers who work during the studio became real friends, our team started to develop the concept.

Inspect the premises of the restaurant Friendly, architects Anastasia Dmitrieva and Anna Sychev once suggested using elements of style Loft, which originated in the 40s of XX century. in the industrial districts of New York. Architects working with classical materials style Loft: concrete, brick, metal.

While working on the plan, it was decided to divide the space into several zones: a large living room with fireplace, which is easily converted into an open space for the "dance until the morning", the zone bar with high tables for large and friendly company. On the mezzanine, where you can easily retire, are unusual staircase, wrapped in metal mesh, ready at any moment to become an art platform for contemporary art. Under one of the mezzanine is another room where parents can "drown" in the couches and feel at home while rebyatnya spend time in the children's play area.

Modern furniture muted tones was performed under individual sketches of architects, so make yourself comfortable while chief Sergei Chesnokov bartender conjures for you on another soft detox cocktail. In the area of ​​the bar used decorating techniques separation spaces contrasting tiles, which sets the rhythm, the special atmosphere and adjusts to a friendly way.

No visitor has not disregarded the wall in the main hall, made of moss. Every day a collection of social networking selfie updated on the background of the logo of the restaurant.

Open kitchen - something without which can not do is not a fancy restaurant, in fact much more interesting to watch how the chef Paul Zavarzin individually for you prepare each dish.

Special attention is, of course, should be given to the area of ​​bathrooms, which Match Architects together with the founders made a vivid and memorable with street-art graphics.

We wanted to create for you the atmosphere of coziness and comfort, using modern, safe equipment and the latest technology in the restaurant business. Now we can safely say, our team managed to make the new project is not similar to any of the restaurants in Moscow!