This Generational Italian Brand Is Known For Unique and Timeless Sofa Design

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Acclaimed for their elegant sofas with plush, large cushions and unwavering durability, Flexform has been redefining the language of contemporary living for over 60 years.

Beautiful, versatile, and oh-so comfortable, the sectional sofas by Flexform have long exemplified an identity of total Italian value. Founded in the heart of the furniture manufacturing district of Brianza in Northern Italy, the company was first established in the 1950s when three brothers—Romeo, Pietro, and Agostino Galimberti—launched a small crafts workshop and started displaying their polished designs in a nearby storefront showroom.

As a result of their thoughtful craftsmanship and meticulous attention to artistic detail, the siblings quickly gained recognition and became an integral part of the "Made in Italy" design phenomenon. Fast forward over 60 years later, Flexform is now in its third generation and continues to transform contemporary living with its diverse assortment of high-quality, Italian "thought and made" products.

"Our products represent a masterful marriage of proportion, balance, and comfort," explains Flexform. "While beautiful design has always been at the heart of the Flexform brand, it is our consistency that has remained key." Heralding new standards and concepts in home furnishings throughout the last six decades, Flexform has remained steeped in rich family history and Italian tradition—all while evolving into an international industrial company in a global market.

With an innate focus on design culture, the family owned-and-operated business not only relies heavily on deeply rooted expertise in the production of its finely crafted sofas and furnishings. It also cultivates meaningful partnerships with architects and other designers to gain new perspectives on how people are interacting with furniture. "It is this mutual support that allows us to understand early on the changes in lifestyle habits, which we can then reflect accordingly when designing new products in the Flexform Design Center."

"To put it in Antonio Citterio’s words [a designer whom Flexform has collaborated with for over 40 years]: ‘Every sofa is a constellation of different functions. What sets every Flexform sofa apart is the fact that it is easily recognizable, conceived for everyday use, and always easy to use.’"

Of course, when creating elegant yet durable furniture, materiality is also a crucial part of the design process. "Leather, fabrics, woods, metals, and upholstery materials are all selected with the most severe criteria. Since Flexform is world-famous for its sofas with soft, large cushions—representing its stylistic signature—great care also goes into the quality of the feathers and the down they contain. These materials bring precious lightness, warmth, and softness, and are of guaranteed, certified origin."

"No matter the setting, it is our timeless design and quality that we hope to always be remembered for. While clients might sometimes ask us to replace the covering of a sofa more than 20 years after their purchase, the structure is still solid. And the image never goes out of style."

This Generational Italian Brand Is Known For Unique and Timeless Sofa Design

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