yong ju lee installs 'the wind shape' canopy to simulate the flowing movement of fabric

yong ju lee
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located in hwaseong, south korea, ‘the wind shape’ by yong ju lee is a large-scale installation that has been conceived to occupy part of an outdoor gallery in the city’s soda museum.

designed to reside within the exposed concrete walls of the renovated building – which was previously an abandoned public bath facility – the concept behind the project aims to create the appearance of a piece of fabric blowing in the wind.shaped between the exposed concrete walls of the museum, the metal sheeting creates an intriguing visual contrast against the bare stone material. yong ju lee has designed the piece using computer software to form the overall shape with 300 different triangles. the final work, which intends to provoke the idea of continuous movement, has been optimized for the site conditions, structure and cost.

the wave-like form of the installation effectively leads visitors’ route through the outdoor space. the canopy moves up and down, touching the ground and sticking out over the wall. the surface of the metal is perforated with a pattern to emphasize the flow of wind, while the folds provide shading underneath. made from 1.2mm and 1.6mm metal plates fabricated by CNC machine that have been anchored to the existing walls, the installation is designed for the exhibition ‘flow project : building the movement’ at soda museum.

project info:

project name: ‘the wind shape’

location: 138-109 annyeong-dong, hwaseong-si, gyeonggi-do, south korea

designer: yong ju lee

design team: minji park

clients: soda museum

fabrication: sunjin plus

gross built area: 805 ft 2 (74.8 m2)

completion year: 2019

photography: yong ju lee architecture, studio goo

yong ju lee installs 'the wind shape' canopy to simulate the flowing movement of fabric

view from the ground / view through an opening in the concrete wall


view of the metal touching the ground / view through the punctured concrete wall


the metal sheets contrast against the exposed concrete walls


diagram of the installation

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