junsekino builds a translucent library for community in rural thailand

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amidst dense vegetation and rural thai plains, lies the keang krachan library designed by bangkok-based architecture firm junsekino.

the library is located among the peaceful nature of the petchaburi province in thailand, with 360 views of its surroundings. the owner wanted to build a small public library, run only by one librarian, as a gift to the community to be enjoyed by anyone.to keep the project compact, with an organized layout, the architect split the library in five enclosed volumes that each host a specific function. four of the boxes serve as bookkeeping spaces, separating the books into categories. the central box is the librarian’s office, which allows her to easily access any of the surrounding areas. each of these volumes is a single-story space that connects to the rest of the volumes offering an easy and accessible circulation throughout the project.

the architect organized the enclosed volumes within an open floor plan, creating alternating interior and exterior areas all under one roof. this layout enables for the small pockets of outdoor space in the building to be used as reading nooks and seating spaces.

the surrounding nature and resources offered, inspired the architects to use local materials for the construction of the library. the material palette consists of steel, wood, and translucent, corrugated sheets that let light shine through creating an open, airy atmosphere. the materials used withstand heavy rains and wind, yet their placement still allows natural light and ventilation to flow through the space.

anyone in the community can access the library to study and spend time, because of the building’s accessible nature. the warm, inviting natural light shining through the translucent material welcomes guests and saves energy for the library. friendly to the environment and the community, the kaeng krachan library provides a new space for locals to read and enjoy the landscape.

junsekino builds a translucent library for community in rural thailand

the small community library located on the rural part of thailand