AYFRAYM is an affordable A-frame 'cabin-in-a-box' concept

everywhere company
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everywhere company has designed a ‘cabin-in-a-box’ service concept which aims to simplify the design and construction process for its customers.

the AYFRAYM cabin is a modernized version of the classic A-frame style that can be built all around the world or shipped in pieces, starting with the purchase of its comprehensive construction plans.encompassing 1,574 square feet, the cabin’s A-frame design is inspired by the popular vacation homes of the 1960s. the founder of everywhere co brand winnie based it on a cabin his grandfather had built in the decade after.

AYFRAYM contains three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a vaulted kitchen and living area, and an upper loft. one of the bedrooms can be turned into an office or a bunk room with 4 bunk spaces, or an office if required.

9-foot ceilings on the first floor make for a light and airy interior which extends across both floors at the entry. the cabin is fitted with wooden floors and walls to create a warm atmosphere, while a total of 41 windows maximizes natural light.

a stair case leads to the upper floor foyer where large window panels look out to the cabin’s surroundings. the cabin also features 3 large wooden decks. one is located at the front of the cabin with stairs on each side, leading up to huge double sliding glass doors and wooden beams that frame large glass windows in between. the others are situated at the back of the cabin on both the first and second floors.

the point of the AYFRAYM ‘cabin-in-a-box’ concept is to make it easier for customers realise:

‘everything starts with the box of plans‘, the company explains. ‘in other words, there will never be an AYFRAYM that is built, without first purchasing our plans so that the customer has access to all the right specs and information necessary to build one.‘

after purchasing plans online for $1,950 USD, a box shows up on the customers doorstep within two weeks. included is everything required to plan the construction of the cabin, from technical drawings to material specifications.

after that, everywhere offers the customer three different build options: hiring the company to do everything from land excavation to a final walkthrough, hiring a contractor to assist with the built, or taking the ‘diy it’ route and completing the entire build themselves.

each option comes with its own pros and cons. for instance, hiring a contractor allows customers the chance to modify plans, personalizing their AYFRAYM cabin to suit them. on the other hand, it could mean hiring someone who is not a specialized expert in this particular build.

there is less hassle if a customer hires everywhere to take care of the entire build but it could become more expensive, whereas opting to DIY it could save a lot of money but at the cost of time. everywhere estimates that customers who choose to do it themselves could take anywhere from 2-5 times longer to complete their cabin.

AYFRAYM is an affordable A-frame 'cabin-in-a-box' concept

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