INABA softly curves the ceiling coving of 'williamsburg penthouse' in brooklyn

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brooklyn-based design studio, INABA, has completed the careful renovation of a penthouse in williamsburg, new york.

by considering how the needs of current or future residents will change with time, the project focuses on creating spaces that will retain their function and relevance in the years to come. as opposed to forming a bespoke scheme, the designers have instead envisioned an apartment that can be easily modified and evolved.the design by INABA has altered the existing layout of the penthouse to better suit the client’s lifestyle. with a total floor area of 800 ft2 (74 m2), the apartment has been redesigned to be more open while still retaining the essential core elements. to create this open-plan space, one of the existing bedrooms has been removed and transformed into an additional space for entertaining and relaxation. located off of the kitchen and dining area, this intervention allows the residents to enjoy a more contemporary style of living.

the interior design is characterized by the minimal white walls and ceilings, contrasted with dark timber walls and furniture. the coving of the ceiling is curved, forming a delicate junction between the wall and ceiling elements and softening the character of the 11 ft high volume. during the day, these white surfaces are bathed in natural light, creating the appearance of a continuous face. at night, the walls and ceiling instead function to reflect the artificial lights from surrounding buildings, resulting in a dynamic spatial experience while residents can enjoy the city skyline.

INABA softly curves the ceiling coving of 'williamsburg penthouse' in brooklyn

view from the hallway to the living space


the hallway to the master bedroom


the open-plan kitchen and dining area


living room view at night


living room view during the day

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