SAOTA blends indoor and outdoor space to form 'uluwatu house' in bali

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situated in the scenic area of uluwatu in bali‘s southern peninsula, architecture firm SAOTA has created a contemporary and luxurious holiday home.

named after the location, the design of ‘uluwatu house’ is inspired by the nature and incredible views that surround it. by focusing on creating a relationship between the indoor and outdoor environment and using local materials, the resulting building provides a serene and elegant place to enjoy the remarkable landscape of bali.with consideration paid to the vernacular architecture of the region, the design by SAOTA intends not to impose on the landscape, but instead to create a balance between the built form and the natural environment. with this in mind, the floors are constructed over several levels, in tune with the contours of the site. upon reaching the house, a wide set of steps greets residents, proudly announcing the entrance to the building. once inside, the scheme is defined by the large open spaces that make up the program. expansive glazing and semi-outdoor areas characterize the home, resulting in a direct relationship being forged with nature and a very contemporary style of living.

the construction of ‘uluwatu house’ has used local materials where possible, in order to create an architectural expression that relates to the context. large plains of stone make up the primary structure of the building, with sections of vertical timber cladding also used, almost resembling the palm trees that line the garden. glass is also utilized throughout the project to create the feeling of transparency between spaces while additionally functioning to provide picture-perfect views of the ocean. the final, and perhaps one of the most important materials, is the vegetation. lush greenery can be found not only in the garden areas, but in the entire building, resulting in an architecture that intends to immerse residents in the serenity of nature.

SAOTA blends indoor and outdoor space to form 'uluwatu house' in bali

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