Pink Rhythm

Patricia Bustos Studio
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A dance of pieces designed by Patricia Bustos Studio in collaboration with the firm @tarkett_es.

Pieces that work independently, but collectively acquire a greater dimension. A dance of materials and forms to suggest the different applications, both straight and curved, of the versatile and sustainable material with which they have given us the opportunity to work. The pink color range transports us to a relaxing and harmonious world but without renouncing a strong personality thanks to the power of the shapes that remind us of a monochrome puzzle of constructivist aesthetics.

Pink Rhythm transports us to a world of beauty, daydreaming and fantasy. The two types of material from the Megalit and Eclipse ranges contrast very well between them, producing an optical fusion effect that helps us create a greater illusion of space. A surreal and minimal space that combines forms and textures with the polychrome that provides the holographic effect of the material.

Fantasy Arch (name of the arch) Arch of iridescent material that floods the space with reflections and multiplies this universe of fantasy with clear references to minimal contemporary architecture.

Pink throne: name of the chair-sculpture

A mixture between architecture and sculpture that intertwine in this piece to demonstrate that a functional piece can also be a sculpture

Stairway to heaven: name of the stairs

Stairs that lead us to an infinite world of enigmatic improvised sculptures

Paradise screen: name of the screen

The different arcs interlock with each other and produce a very enveloping visual effect. The iridescent mirror doubles the space and makes it look like objects are flying.

Pink Rhythm