PNY Marais

CUT architectures
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For its third venue PNY hamburgers chose to land in the Marais district of Paris.

In this peculiar location PNY and CUT decided to take the burger joint on a trip to Miami.

Merging the lexicon of the diner booths and colorful beach-huts, turquoise and pink lacquered steel tubular structures inhabit the place. Covered with white lacquered expanded metal the booths integrate in one piece the table and its seats.

On the back walls pink and turquoise gradients host 3-tone wooden tiles as the decaying abstraction of a palm tree.

Mirrors and lighting -as a common ground for PNY restaurants- take a significant place here: white neon tubes highlight the tubular structure and reflect into the mirrors placed behind the expanded metal on the bar. The suspension and wall fixtures are custom made with copper and carousel light bulbs.

White terrazzo flooring on the ground floor mixes white marble with pink and turquoise shredded glass reflecting itself in the bar mirrors.

On the ceiling of the the white tiled toilets a pink neon tube faces a green one, splitting the space in two colorful halos. The perfect set-up for a #pee_n_why selfie in the toilets mirror...

PNY Marais