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Bureau Druzhba
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Bureau "Druzhba" promotes values and principles of child friendly spaces, both among developers and municipal government. A project for Sminex is a good example of shared values between a customer and an architects. Thereby architects can make change in residential area`s landscapes.

The playground for residential estate “Malaya Ordynka 19” is based on 8 principles of child-friendly playspaces:

1. Abstract form instead of themed image.

Playing everyday child must have an opportunity to choose a game theme and change it as often as needed! A submarine, sand dunes, animal burrows in the garden, the hobbit valley – scenery depends only on the imagination of the child.

2. Bright color is not a main goal.

The idea that playground must be bright and colorful is a myth and does not correspond to the results of the psychological and medical researches. Balanced harmony of subtle color shades and natural colors with several bright accents provides an opportunity for kids for different game scripts on a playground.

3. Objects of multifunctional use.

Unidentified objects with intricate function force children to explore new purposes of it.

4. Maximum possibilities.

The regular set of play equipment on site of 100 sq. m. is: a single swing, a small carousel and a sandpit. The whole world can be created in the same space if we take into account the children's perception.

5. Awared risk is an important part of the game.

Risk and danger are not the same! Children must experience their physical abilities on a playground, otherwise they they might find a really dangerous place to do it.

6. Unpredictable, irregular space is a miracle.

The child is inspired with new world where anything can happen and the modern equipment is just a part of it.

7. Area zoning: younger/older, active/quiet, common/privat.

There must be the place for everyone.

8. Make changes.

On every playground there must be an opportunity to change the space and to move parts. Different types of granular materials, plants, water, chalk surfaces, inner spaces – children can leave their mark.

9. In the production we use natural materials and elements which safety and sustainability is confirmed in practice.

Dune Square / Bureau Druzhba