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Bamboo Tide Pavilion / Shenzhen Beryl Environmental Art Design

Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao-2019 Shenzhen Flower Show, at the Sancha intersection of Zhuyuan, Shenzhen Botanical Garden, during the period of a wave-like shape, a large number of flowers were planted on both sides, high and low, and patchwork, as if it were a wave of flowers. , attracting visitors to stop

Looking forward, I realized that the shape of this spray was actually made of bamboo! This is the “Tide” of modern bamboo-woven public art created by the architect Mr. Xie Jun for this flower show."Tide" can refer to a new wave, or it can be imagined as a wave of waves that rushed and slammed against the reefs on the shore. It represents a bold innovation and change. In terms of styling, a lot of modern curves and arcs are used. In terms of materials and processes, we have adopted traditional techniques such as hand knitting, hemp rope binding, bamboo nail fixing, and lofting model. At the same time, we have incorporated new technologies and new materials such as 3D printing, metal components, glass, and numerical control modeling to make bamboo products. Connected with modern technology.

For a long time, the pursuit of the three principles of aesthetics, practicality and solidarity has never stopped, but the systematic transformation of structural forms is still in its infancy. The problems caused by uncontrolled mining and misuse of building materials, people are eating their own fruits, and the ecological and environmentally-friendly local natural building materials such as bamboo have become more and more prominent: it is enough to build a new type of holistic and sustainable building structure. At the same time, the regional culture, modern technology and practicality are perfectly integrated. small.

Public art emphasizes ‘sociality’ and ‘openness’, which is an artistic landscape composed of diverse media. People's spiritual realm is constantly improving, and more people realize that it will pay a painful price to destroy the homeland on which we depend. Making the environment more beautiful and making the sky bluer is the wish of all of us. How to use modern design concepts to perfectly combine the raw materials of 'Zhu', which is eco-friendly and modern technology, to create more contemporary bamboo art works that are in line with the aesthetics and economy of the times. It is our long-term work. aims.

Bamboo Tide Pavilion / Shenzhen Beryl Environmental Art Design


  • Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
  • Shenzhen Beryl Environmental Art Design