sknypl inflates sculptures for urban garden in korean rooftop

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sknypl presents the new korean garden, a project that enhances the roof of the seoul hall of urbanism and architecture, creating a unique experience within the city fabric.

the proposal for the seoul maru competition 2019, personifies a typical korean garden, by giving it a new meaning and function. the colors and shapes evoke associations with plants, stones, and hills, which form the basis of the theory of harmony in the traditional gardens.

however, this garden is unusual, sknypl transformed it under the influence of new qualities defined by context, time and its new function. the roofscape creates a space that simultaneously meets the needs of the seoul hall of urbanism and architecture and the city in general. its flexible nature becomes an important quality that allows it to achieve the multifunctionality and at the same time simplifies the operation of the facility.

the new garden’s recognizable image and character creates a new landmark in seoul, encouraging people to photograph it and share it with the world. the inflatable structures create a roofscape over the seoul hall of urbanism and architecture. amorphous shapes cover its rooftop and establish an interactive landscape where the forms act as multi-use elements.

the new korean garden is made out of ETFE, a type of plastic, that in this case is filled with air and becomes light and mobile. the garden consists of different sized, and flying elements, exploring the shapes and the material in every dimension. the garden’s primary function is its ‘relaxing field’ which occupies most of the space, and encourages guests to sit down and rest. they can gather in a group and talk in a relaxed atmosphere, read a book, lie down and watch the city from the outside, and also have their children go to this playground in the city center.

the project is also an important part of the seoul hall of urbanism and architecture and an essential venue for the biennale. small elements become mobile and help shape and change the space for lectures and exhibitions. due to the mobility of objects, there is a wide range of possible iterations. these unique configurations allow designers or event organizers to provide different types of spaces for visitors to experience. speakers can prepare the site according to their unique vision and give their own special character. the garden and space of the rooftop becomes a living organism that changes over time.

flying elements filled with helium communicate even more closely with the city as they are used for announcements of exhibitions and events, as well as for slogans and the transmission of ideas that enable people to reflect on a particular topic. all elements are covered with a pattern of luminous paint transforming the garden at night, to create a parallel reality. the EFTE material is convenient and recyclable, which completes the cycle of new korean garden as a sustainable project. the inflatable, mobile garden adds a new layer of entertainment to the surface of seoul.

sknypl inflates sculptures for urban garden in korean rooftop