roomoo recreates sound waves for whatever sunglass shop in shanghai

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chinese interior design studio roomoo was inspired by the sound wave phenomenon for the creation of the first store of whatever eyewear.

located in kerry center of the bustling nanjing west road in shanghai, the first shop of the new fashion sunglasses brand is a futuristic take on a traditional sunglass shop. with a shiny, metallic centerpiece holding the sunglasses, the shop’s unusual display lures anyone in. roomoo wanted to match the brand’s eclectic visual image with a contemporary and imaginative retail space. respecting the brand’s charm, they took specific details of the whatever eyewear logo and products themselves to create an immersive atmosphere. a rotating installation at the center of the shop is a visual representation of the sound vibration of the vocalized words ‘whatever’ and ‘attitude’.

each structure is composed of round sheets joined by a hollow, illuminated metallic tube that crosses through them all. the sheets and tubes are all made of punched aluminum, with different shapes and patterns cut out, creating a detailed texture throughout the installation.the punctured aluminum reduces the overall structural weight of each sheet, making the piece as a whole, a light assemblage.

the lighting in the display lies inside the central tube structure, and shines through the three-layered transparent acrylic that serves as a backdrop for the sunglasses. the diffused white light maximizes the details of the products in different angles and makes the installation shine in the center of the store.

the overall installation is divided into upper and lower parts by a central handle, which echoes the whatever brand’s logo pattern and provides a sense of vision at a distance that plays with the spatial order. the rotating structure can also provide various types of product display by fixed rotating bearings in the ceiling.

the metallic materials and vibrant color palette of the store’s interiors bring out the brand’s modern sunglasses. the stainless steel display area and the red and grey triangular punched plates clad the walls, reinforce the brand color. mirrors are spread vertically, horizontally and angled at 15 degrees angles throughout the space to meet the needs of any height guest wanting to try on a product. the multiple mirrors, shining display and metallic surfaces paired with the bold red and undulating shapes make whatever eyewear a memorable stop along nanjing west road.

roomoo recreates sound waves for whatever sunglass shop in shanghai