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Camping Stella Maris Swimming Pool and Reception / NFO

Stella Maris Camping is located in a thick pine forest in Umag, a coastal town in Istria, Croatia.

The client's task was to enrich the camp's offer with a new swimming pool with accompanying amenities and to integrate it with a new reception for the camp. The project was created in co-operation with the civil engineering office IF Projekt d.o.o. from Rovinj, which was in charge of the arrangement of the whole camp and civil engineering.The location - nature and the pine forest was the basis for the concept of the complex. Sun decks and swimming pools are carved into the gently sloping terrain, while indoor facilities exploit the existing height difference and are located under the green roofs that branch over the sun deck. There is no straight line separating the complex from the rest of the camp - instead, it is integrated with its surroundings.

This approach emphasized the concept of the entire camp - maximum preservation of nature and morphology of the terrain. The complex consists of a large swimming pool, a children's pool, and a baby pool. In addition to the pools, there is a reception with offices, and an outdoor bar and restaurant. In this way, the swimming pool is not just an isolated camping segment - it is also the first vista when entering the camp.

Camping Stella Maris Swimming Pool and Reception / NFO


  • Ul. Stella Maris 9, 52470, Umag, Croatia
  • NFO