Loft da Alma Feminina / Simone Pedreschi Arquitetura

Simone Pedreschi Arquitetura
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Loft da Alma Feminina, raised by architect Simone Pedreschi for Casa Cor Ribeirão Preto.

Or the main point of this project was to integrate with the external area, a fully flexible project to open to the outside, separated by large openings, allowing light and natural ventilation for space and a garden of contemplation and meditation in its surroundings. Or that offers a quiet and pleasant refugee.And I was thinking of a totally original and visible architectural element for whom arrives, inviting us to enter and explore its interior, that we propose a minimalist facade marked by 4 sturdy pillars that provide a clear understanding gives form for this space, make possible the access to a royal architecture work, no exaggerations. In this way, these elements portray the strength and determination of this woman, which defines where you want to cheat and which is modeled in any context of your environment.

It is a project without any surpluses with neutral tonalities, which serve as a basis for qualification decorating style. Therefore, in the internal part of the Loft, a feminine essay presented with delicacy in the cores and textures two woven in tons of rose, with two decorative objects, do not charge two hand-painted metallics, porcelain, and ceramic, and finally, in the flowers, which trace a special touch for the atmosphere.

Loft da Alma Feminina / Simone Pedreschi Arquitetura

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