Valiasr Mosque

Bita Hanife
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The mosque is the most important manifestation of Islam.

The mosque separates humans from the outer space that invites human to think.

‏There is no religious symbol on Valiasr Street in the capital

Valiasr Street or Pahlavi Street is a tree-lined street in Tehran, Iran, dividing the metropolis into western and eastern parts built in 1922 to 1927, considering the end of asphalt plan it ended in 1933. It is considered one of Tehran's main thoroughfares and commercial centres. It is also the longest street in the Middle East,[1] and was reported as one of the longest in the world by former BBC (now Al Jazeera) journalist Rageh Omaar during the television documentary Welcome to Tehran.[2]

This vibrant, hub-like street is lined with many shops, restaurants, parks and cultural centers are situated along this long avenue.

The site is located in Tehran's Valiasr Street

‏Alongside the site in question, City Theater and Student Park are important neighborhoods

‏The City Theater is a performing arts complex in Tehran, the capital of Iran. This complex is considered as the main outlet of Iran artistic theater. It was built with the initiative of Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi under the rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran.

‏The complex was designed by architect Ali Sardar Afkhami in the 1960s,[2] and opened in 1972. After the 1979 Revolution, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has overseen its operation.[3] City Theater of Tehran is closed on Saturdays.

‏Daneshjoo Park (formerly Pahlavi park before Iranian Revolution[1]) is an urban park in Enghelab Street, Tehran. It is located between Vali Asr[disambiguation needed] intersection and in neighboring of Tehran city Theater complex.

‏It is located in the ground of approximately 3200 square meters, and consists of Tehran City Theatre hall, Daneshjoo library, play grounds, buffet and rest rooms.The main purpose of this project is to coordinate and communicate with the site

and The center of a mosque in the city.

The space that makes a person relax and concentrate is, in essence, the type of interior design.

The task of the outer space of a building,the attraction of man, induces a sense of holiness of a place and The existence of a mental image in the whole building, the existence of an index element in the building and Man-centered being .

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Cultural collection.

The cultural part of the building is covering the cubic volume of the nave.






Master : Arash.g.Tehrani

Deisigner : Bita Hanife

Valiasr Mosque