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Farah Smadi
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The project is an architectural attempt to celebrate the richness and gather the significances of the lived experience of Wadi Rum, which is a unique geological spot of the southern part of Jordan due to its natural landscape made of a series of high cliffs of rugged forms, separated by desert plains, and unique spices of fauna and flora. By helping the visitor to dwell poetically to understand how they belong to the place, and experiencing the presence for those who are not physically there.

The project is meant to be a continuation of the existing visitor center located at the entrance of preserved and bounded area of Wadi Rum known as the protected area.

The design proposal is based on the idea of layering with least appearance and intervention with the natural landscape so as to keep it unspoiled: Three layers on top of each other extend smoothly at the continued edge of the cliff on which the visitor center leans providing the opportunity of a stimulating unforgettable tour of discovery, learning and enjoyment. Each of those layers is intended to provide certain kind of experience. The surface layer, which takes the form of liner plaza, is devoted for exhibiting the fauna and flora of the place. The above layer allows the experience of observing the celestial sphere, the geological structure, and the birds. While the sub layer consists of digital learning exhibition, facilities and research center thus stand in contrast with the other layers above.

Another aspect of the project is to create a secure space for observation, and give the visitors opportunity to fully adjust to discover the celestial sphere in the desert. By encircling a part with simple partition, creates enclave, which gives people basic sense of security. The Ring also reduces distractions and focus users on the celestial sphere only. In the night it becomes place of star exhibition and sharing experiences.

The importance of the project lies in its human, educational, restorative, and sustainable nature. Visitors, whether tourists or locals, enjoy the experience of sightseeing the landscape elements of wadi rum while learning about them, beside restoring their health and strength as composition for the pressure of the daily living in big cities.






Project Location : Wadi Rum Protected Area, Jordan

Function: Stimulation and learning tour + Research Center

Levels: Three levels; Surface Layer (liner plaza and theater), Super-surface Layer (panoramic pathways and observatories), Sub-surface Layer (digital learning exhibition, facilities and research center)

Main Exhibits: Fauna, Flora, Birds, Geological strata + transformations, and the Celestial sphere

Visiting Hours: 24/7 (allows you to discover the day cycle)

Built Area: 1600 ㎡

Structural : Temporary Steel Trusses

Skin : Corten Steel Panels + Lightweight Concrete


Farah Smadi

Supervised by: Dr. Leila Bustami

R U M 360°