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C+ Architects has recently completed the office space renovation project of a financial company headquarters in Beijing. The major challenge of this project is how to create a modern office space in a traditional commercial building.

In the design process, the architects followed the characteristics of the original architectural features and took advantage of potential planning. Through the reconfiguration of the space and the combination of different materials and colors, the newborn office got rid of the original dull plan, promoted interaction among employees and improved office efficiency. It also creates a fresh and free atmosphere for daily life.

Vital Space

As a starting point for the design concept, the architects implanted the “Atrium”, a distinctive focal point in the space. This atrium with an open view is transformed from a regular escalator, except for being a vertical traffic connection, it can be used for discussion and rest as well. After breaking the isolation between the floors, traffic flows are naturally formed from the atrium, and the overall layout is clear at a glance.

Meanwhile, in order to solve the problem of insufficient indoor lighting, the roof above the atrium was transformed into a skylight. But due to the limitations of the original structure, the design of the skylight became a technical difficulty. Finally, the technicians of the shipyard joined the structural reinforcement and transformation team to ensure the safety of construction work.

The transformed atrium has renewed space vitality and has become the most varied place. In this retractable structure, the air overflows from the bottom of the atrium like a spring, and the sun fills the entire space like a drizzle. With the hanging metal mesh curtains, the light and the shadow that fell from the sky introduced a natural atmosphere to the interior space. People can feel changing light at different times during the daytime. Especially at dusk, when the golden sunlight pours down, the indoor bamboo echoes the distant mountains and forms a landscape.

Respect Individual

The architects have determined the design strategy: on the basis of practicality, convenience, health and comfort, fully take care of the individual's physical and mental feelings, respect usage habits, break the closed impression of the general office, and seek external tolerance for the outside.

The new office increases the interaction between employees and guarantees their privacy. In addition to basic office functions, multiple service spaces bring users the same experience as in a community. Leisure and discussion spaces are set up near each working area, providing more possibilities for office mode. The multi-function hall for social activities can hold small lectures, seminars, and exhibitions. The reserved independent flow and sliding partition allow the multi-function hall and the office area do not interfere with each other.

Besides, according to different functional areas and personal characteristics, the architects selected different colors of carpets, table divider fabrics, and sound-absorbing hangings, and emphasized the order through a certain vertical correspondence. While giving different personalities in each space, this approach allows users to relax and relieve stress.

Z Office / C+ Architects

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