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IP 01 House / Studio Gabriel Garbin Arquitetura

The residence is located on the south coast of the State of São Paulo on a plot close to the sand strip of the beach.

The house is implanted in the Atlantic Forest to obtain the combination of the ocean view and the native vegetation view. Composed of two distinct blocks of stone and concrete coupled to the main volume delimiting functions, the project prioritized the integration of social spaces and the privacy of intimate rest.The first volume marks the garage, lavabo and social entrance and is positioned as an appendage perpendicular to the main street. The second consists of the service residence, living room, pool and social kitchen, which has a direct connection with the functional kitchen.

As it happens in Italian residences these environments play a fundamental role in the daily routine and provide a very natural way of integrating the family in the meals. For the dormitories, the relation of the inside and outside was also established so that the insertion in the native Mata brought the beach atmosphere to the intimate universe.

IP 01 House / Studio Gabriel Garbin Arquitetura


  • Guarujá, SP, Brazil
  • Studio Gabriel Garbin Arquitetura