the 'ocean community' responds to rising sea levels with luxury houseboats

wojciech morsztyn
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RCA intelligent mobility graduate wojciech morsztyn envisions ‘ocean community’, a series of inter-linked luxury houseboats as the solution to rising sea levels.

connected via walkways, the floating pods make for autonomous living, with the ability to store and filter water, channel airflow for cooling and harvest energy from the sun and wind.

‘in the next 10 to 15 years, rising sea levels could bring irreplaceable changes to our environment. ocean community creates mobile domestic naval units and transforms the ocean into a habitable space,’ says morsztyn. ‘the creation of these new structures will serve as fully functional living spaces connected with existing land infrastructure so that new ocean communities become a natural extension of coastal cities.’

morsztyn imagines these structures creating small floating and sailing modules located 800m from the coastlines, close enough for everyday life on land. ocean community could also be used in the commercial market such as hotels, touristic spots and other habitats.

each pod comprises two levels and features a panoramic view of the sea. a mixture of wood and soft furnishings in a neutral color palette complements the light-filled interior. morsztyn imagines his concept being implemented by 2035 and says that with further investigation – and the time for the necessary technology to decrease in price – costings could be as low as £150,000 per unit.

the 'ocean community' responds to rising sea levels with luxury houseboats