freaks wraps a double skin of corrugated stainless steel around office building in france

freaks architecture
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for a project commissioned by french lighting company sammode, freaks architecture has designed a new research and development center in lamotte beuvron, south of orléans.

built within an old printing warehouse, the outline of the renovation was to create a space that meets the technical requirements of the program by providing generous office spaces, both open-plan and more isolated.

freaks has delineated the large warehouse space using four timber boxes covered with spruce. within these closed volumes, which are sometimes completely airtight and light-proof, numerous tests of sammode‘s luminaires are carried out, including thermal shock, waterproofness with talc, longevity, vibration and electromagnetic measurement. the surrounding spaces that are generated as a result of the boxes provide open offices and shared spaces, a zone of assembly and a zone for prototyping.

while the majority of the window and door positions remain unchanged, new openings have been made to bring in more natural light into the building. a protrusion on the roof, which can be seen from the street, accommodates a 5 meter high photogoniometer that is used to calculate the light intensity. the whole building is covered with a double skin of corrugated stainless steel sheets. the alternation of solid and perforated sheets allows a transparency that offers a glimpse of the inside activity.

the surroundings of the existing building have also been curated: the vegetation that has grown spontaneously provides a very pleasant work environment while an a landscape intervention has been realized inside the new patio. a terrace has been built as an extension of the facade with extra trees, hedges and grasses, for the comfort of the site occupants and their visitors.

freaks wraps a double skin of corrugated stainless steel around office building in france

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