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When Quinn Company updated its City of Industry, CA warehouse, they also sought to upgrade the existing storage units inside.

The job required durable storage capable of providing years of service, and visually appealing aesthetic for the window-heavy design of the warehouse. More specifically, Quinn needed 204 cabinets, 140 bin shelving units, 72 pallet racks, 12 cantilever racks, and 1 conveyor and carton flow system for the 18 shelves of each pallet rack.

The CAT dealership ultimately purchased Vidmar Cabinets, Pallet Roller Conveyors, Mini Pallet Racks, Pallet Racking, Carton Flow Racking, Bin Shelving, and Cantilever Racks. Vidmar’s cost-effective, single-resource plan and minimal turnaround time further expedited Quinn’s project, successfully outfitting the facility with top-quality storage equipment and allowing operations to proceed in only 90 days.

“Vidmar's premium storage solutions are designed for years of service, complimenting our new building,” said Chris Lucas, Quinn Company Parts Manager.

Quinn now benefits from cabinets that hold the contents of five standard units of shelving. Interchangeable drawers support up to 400 pounds of material each—even when fully extended. As Quinn’s inventory shifts, so does the arrangement of drawer contents, optimized by using organizational accessories. Full visibility of drawer contents makes for easy access and reduced pick times.

Ultimately, Vidmar storage solutions produce up to 70% space savings, maximize organization, and increase operational efficiency as a whole. The less time personnel spend digging around for parts and tools, the faster work gets done.

Vidmar looks forward to a long-standing partnership as Quinn’s preferred supplier. “We will certainly reach out to Vidmar when scope of work and products have been defined in Quinn Company near-term facility projects,” Lucas states.



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