Adam Nathaniel Furman Creates Toy-Like Apartment Interior From A Palette Of Pastel Colours In Tokyo

Adam Nathaniel Furman
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London-based artist and designer Adam Nathaniel Furman has designed a toy-like interior space for an apartment in Tokyo, Japan.

Called Nagatacho Apartment, the interior space features a rich palette of pastel colours applied on doors, walls, floors, furnitures and fixtures.

Covering a total of 165-square-metre space, the building is located right in the heart of the governmental administrative district of central Tokyo. The designer created a theatrical appearance by playing with colours and textures to touch on sensual feelings.

"There is a 160 square meter retreat of pure sensual delight, a small but intensely crafted manifesto for an architecture that luxuriates in a hyper-aestheticized celebration of the senses, and of every-day domestic life," said Adam Nathaniel Furman.

"A palette of pastel colours, natural and artificial materials, and an open and interconnected layout with gathering at its heart, combine to create a voluptuous interior world of perfectly poised, gentle deviance," added the designer.

The designer used a combination of contemporary techniques and traditional craftmanship throughout the interior, with wooden details and cabinetry made by hand by skilled carpenters, and the marquetry doors being fabricated using laser cutting technology.

Materials are celebrated for their sensuality, and their effect on the imagination, rather than their origins, so translucent plastic artificial marbles sit next to the highest quality hand-finished spruce, which is in turn next to the highest quality hand-made porcelain handles, which in turn are next to beautifully glossy nylon fixtures, hand-made carpet next to vinyl, and exquisite textured wallpaper next to semi-matte plastic wall finishes.

"The Nagatacho apartment is an experiment in the euphoric connoisseurship of colour, texture, material and form in the theatre of the quotidian, a space that elevates the client’s daily rituals and communal activities into a space of continuously seductive aesthetic delectation," explained the designer.

Plan of the flat

Project facts

Project name: Nagatacho Apartment

Architects: Adam Nathaniel Furman

Size: 165m2

Location: Nagatacho, Tokyo, Japan

Project dates: 2017-19

Project scope: 160 sqm. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large communal living area and terrace.

Adam Nathaniel Furman Creates Toy-Like Apartment Interior From A Palette Of Pastel Colours In Tokyo