Cult Gym Equinox Debuts an Elite Coworking Hub at Hudson Yards

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Overlooking the Vessel, Industrious at Equinox touts world-class amenities and luxe design, but membership comes at a prohibitive premium.

Equinox—the luxury gym with a cult following of celebrities, debutantes, and the well heeled—has partnered with coworking network Industrious to open their very own coworking offices at New York’s Hudson Yards. The two-level, 44,000-square-foot collaboration features 71 private offices, a Great Room with lounges and a cafe, floor-to-ceiling windows, and finishes and decor for fans of 50 Shades of Grey.

In-house Industrious designer Matt Bosserman guided the collaborative effort towards a masculine, industrial aesthetic that "fosters member individuality through minimalist schemes," according to a press release. Cement walls and exposed lighting conduit echo Hudson Yards’ cold and steely look, while velvety lounges, warm oak flooring, and accents in black and gold provide a powerful elegance.

Industrious at Equinox is situated stories high in 31 Hudson Yards, a newish tower that also holds the first Equinox Hotel, the largest Equinox fitness club, and the Equinox spin brand SoulCycle. While memberships to each will remain a la carte, the building is a one-stop shop in what is the ultimate lifestyle offering for "win-at-all-costs" types.

The status of working here will, of course, cost you. Individual membership fees start at $918 per month—about 500% more than the average coworking membership. According to a New York Times article, Pittsburgh’s Beauty Shoppe starts at $125 per month, while Yves Béhar’s Canopy (from where I write this article) asks $275.

Those willing to bleed that kind of capital will get access to a certain network of peers in what appears to be an inflated value proposition, though that may be the only value. A view of billionaire-whisperer Thomas Heatherwick’s critically pummeled The Vessel is difficult to appraise, and Industrious at Equinox’s interiors—though handsome and refined—are difficult to distinguish from the increasing volume of well-executed coworking spaces.

Though details have not been announced, Equinox plans to open more coworking spaces in the future. Let’s hope the new locations have an improved view.

The masculine, industrial interiors—warmed by large-paneled oak flooring—channel the alpha vibes of Equinox gyms.

The masculine, industrial interiors—warmed by large-paneled oak flooring—channel the alpha vibes of Equinox gyms.


Floor-to-ceiling windows span the perimeters of the Great Room.


Exposed cement and an array of lighting with exposed conduit give the space an industrial feel.


Deep blue velvet chairs, brass lamps, and polished concrete add decadence that's characteristic of both Industrious and Equinox.


On the second level of the coworking space, individual lounge chairs with work surfaces are a grown-up version of a school desk.