Barbara Appolloni converts a garage into a stylish 'shoebox' apartment in Barcelona

Barbara Appolloni Arquitecta
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On a narrow site in Barcelona, Barbara Appolloni Arquitecta has carved a haven of exposed concrete and glass from a former car garage.

Designed from the inside out, the original building has been shaped into a ‘shoebox style’ apartment where architecture becomes part of the interior decoration, resulting in a series of beautifully contemporary living spaces.

On the plot measuring 3.60m x 10m, the original construction has been reinforced with more than 200 tons of concrete poured on site, turning the garage into a more robust residential structure. The house has been designed by Barbara Appolloni to be in constant dialogue with the outside. The boundaries between inside and outside are blurred, allowing the interior to embrace the surrounding environment and views over the city. With frameless glass openings and delicate railings, the architecture focuses on removing barriers by removing the divisions between house and nature.

The interior decor and furniture pieces have been carefully chosen to harmonize with each other. The careful selection of materials offers a palette where concrete is combined with chestnut wood, stainless steel, carrara marble and glass, resulting in a space that is both welcoming and sophisticated. The pieces also relate to the setting, with Sabine Marceli’s round mirror and satin sofa chosen to match Barcelona’s rusty red colored rooftops. From this cozy and intimate living space, residents can also enjoy a view of the surrounding vegetation and the urban environment below.

Project info:

Project name: Designer ‘shoebox’ apartment

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Architect: Barbara Appolloni Arquitecta

Photography: Christopher Stark

Barbara Appolloni converts a garage into a stylish 'shoebox' apartment in Barcelona