The sound-absorbing capsule chair imagines a new office reality post COVID-19

Kateryna Sokolova
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First designed by Kateryna Sokolova for Casala one year ago, the capsule collection gains new relevance in a post COVID-19 work environment.

With many people working from home or having to ensure social distancing measures in their office, the cocoon-like shape of the capsule armchair offers a comfortable place where you can switch off from the outside world and be protected from distractions.

The capsule armchair can be located in the middle of a roomy open-space office or inside your apartment. It’s designed by Sokolova as a place to concentrate on your work goals and dive into the process. One of the most important elements of the design is the acoustic absorbing upholstery that lines the inside and outside. This material allows you to speak on the phone without distracting others or to be protected from external noises to a large extent. The form of the capsule also ensures you maintain social distance from others. ‘Welcome to the office of the future!’ – Kateryna Sokolova

The designer continues, ‘I am an introvert. I work in a roomy and noisy office, which we share with several other design studios. Sometimes it is difficult to concentrate on a certain work issue because there are many distracting sounds and colleagues’ activities. When the quarantine began, I started working remotely. In the first month of working from home, my effectiveness fell to 50%. It is too relaxing there and it is difficult to keep yourself together and just start working. The situation, which we have now, pushes us to look for some common solutions to keep social distance, to be concentrated in the office, and switch to working mood at the home office.’

Project info:

Project name: capsule by Casala

Design: Kateryna Sokolova

The sound-absorbing capsule chair imagines a new office reality post COVID-19