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The project is located next to the Elephant Lake Wetland Park, which is representative of the natural landscape of Nanchang.

The Elephant Lake Wetland Park provides a quality natural site base for the project and the overall design was inspired by these natural qualities. The design concept of the architecture is not only to see the wetland as a "view" of the surrounding area, but also to bring its natural qualities into the project, creating a spatial experience where the building and the landscape blending together. The design consists of three natural elements, water, earth and sky, corresponding to three functional areas: the front square, the commercial facilities and the observation tower.

The landscape design of the front square is integrated with the ancient water culture of Nanchang and the landscape resources of the Elephant Lake, which is built for the water and named after the Xiang (“view ”in Chinese) , constructing the "View of Water". The water painting of Ma Yuan is painted to construct the twelve expressions of water. Each landscape node carries the functional needs of people of different ages, bringing a memorable and interesting space experience.

The main body of the building forms a continuation of the landscape elements in three dimensions through the language of stretched curves and waves. The landscape experience of the front square extends above the three-dimensional space of the architecture through a slowly unfolding outdoor amphitheatre. Likewise, citizens at both ends of the building can walk along the steps to the rooftop garden created for them. Underneath the rooftop space are scattered retail and commercial functions, which are linked to the rich outdoor activity space in the front plaza by means of external layout and so on, bringing vitality to the community around the project.

At the end of the park facing Elephant Lake Wetlands stands the project's biggest highlight: a viewing tower that represents the blueprint for future living and the new spirit of the city. Nanchang has a long tradition of "towers", such as the Teng Wang Pavilion, one of the three most famous buildings in Jiangnan, and the Shenjin Pagoda, which has lasted for thousands of years, etc. From the location of the project, you can see the Wanshou Pagoda in the wetland park from afar... The design of the viewing tower responds to this local culture and has become a new landmark representing modern life in Nanchang.

The form of the double spiral staircase provides a novel viewing experience: the experience of going up and down is no longer a repetition, and in combination with the viewing, the monotonous "mechanical movement of climbing the stairs" is transformed into an active and interesting public function. This fun and communal nature of the tower is elevated to the peak by the observation deck at the top, where people can look down on the natural landscape of the nearby wetlands, admire the city skyline in the distance, and experience the changing landscape at sunrise and sunset.

OCT · Vanke Waterfront City, the Floating Pier / Nordic Office of Architecture