Liuxiandong-Plot A4+B2 of Vanke Design Community / FCHA

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Project background - The project is located in the Dashahe Innovation Zone in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, and in the North District of the Science and Technology Park. It is the North Green Corridor site in the planning of the 9th Neighborhood of the headquarters of Liuxiandong. Vanke would like to take this opportunity to create a creative park-design community in the North Green Corridor that integrates the upstream and downstream of the industry chain.

Vanke and the project overall planning unit URBANUS selected and convened the design units, and finally determined that the design of the first start-up area of the 05-02, 05-01 plot should be completed through Cluster Design under the guidance of URBANUS.

A4+B2 plot

Under the guidance of the large-scale planning and land plot guidelines, FCHA undertook the design tasks of the two plotsA4+B2 . The two plots cover an area of 7,500 square meters. The plots are knife-shaped, the length and width are 135 meters * 50 meters. The site is high in the south and low in the north, showing a gentle slope with a height difference of 3.7 meters. Under the guidance of the urban design guidelines, the design connects the ground floor and the basement level one floor through large green slopes, the plot was dividedinto continuous office units, and raises the northward area as an independent building unit to increase natural lighting ventilation openings. A balance is maintained between ensuring the continuity of the public green space on the roof and providing a good environment for underground office space.

Natural materials

As for materials, after many discussions, the cluster designers decided to use exposed concrete, steel, glass and other natural materials for construction. It has been made clear that a park with unified language, rich space and diverse products should be created.

Office unit

Each individual office unit can have a separate lighted patio and outdoor leisure platform. This is a good place to meditate, be in a trance, reflect on one's mind or looking at the sky.

Shared space

The shared space is located underneath the inclined board connecting the ground floor and the basement level one floor of the B2 block. The total interior building area is about 2,000 square meters, and it is a co-working space for the entire project. Various industries and work types collaborate on innovation in a large shared space, operate efficiently, share resources and values.

Small lecture hall

The small lecture hall combines the functions of reports, lectures, and exchange activities. The folding doors that can be opened at the rear are usually open to form the flow of space, and can be closed during lectures.

Shared office platform

The shared office platform forms spatial places that communicate with each other and have their own independence through the enclosure of cabinets and bookshelves. Users can find their own places in a large shared space. The design sets the 700mm height difference between the platforms as a bookshelf, reducing visual interference in the upper and lower spaces.

Independent office area

The independent office area is located in the atrium for lighting. Each floor of this section is a more quiet and independent office space. Each floor can accommodate about 30 people.


The large work desk and tool operation room provided by X-FACTORY maker workshop is a place where makers are happy to stay. The wall can be used for tool display and storage.

Lighting patio

The design incorporates lighting patios, traffic stairs and exchange platforms in places where there is a split-level height difference, creating a space that is both varied and interesting.

Natural rock wall

The natural rock wall left by the original blasting has all described the uniqueness of this site, the lighted hole and the ventilated corridor form a unique space.

Liuxiandong-Plot A4+B2 of Vanke Design Community / FCHA