An antique pink apartment of 100 sqm with view on Tel Aviv

Yael Perry
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Yael Perry renovates a residential space by removing existing partitions and creating flexible, transforming environments, among chromatic contrasts and pivot doors.

Interior designer Yael Perry has renovated a 100 sqm apartment in the centre of Tel Aviv, Israel. With the aim to create flexible private spaces, able to integrate into the rest of the flat when needed, Perry removed the existing partitions.

Sliding and pivot doors have been inserted in order to open and enclose areas, while an antique pink, 6-metre-high volume going from floor to ceiling separates the bedroom and the living room, serving as wardrobe and bookcase. Living and kitchen face each other offering a view on the city, an office becomes a private spot thanks to glass doors.

Chromatic contrasts define the flat: the pink tone, used for the furnishings and terrazzo flooring, is combined with black accents – in the grid-storage and the dark stone of kitchen table.

Project: Pink Location: Tel Aviv, Israel Program: Private apartment Interior designer: Yael Perry Area: 100 sqm Completion: 2020

An antique pink apartment of 100 sqm with view on Tel Aviv