Greenhouse Orchid Punta del Este / Mateo Nunes Da Rosa

Mateo Nunes Da Rosa
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In times of pandemic, Ana, a botany-enthusiast specialised in orchids, turns her hobby into a venture: Greenhouse Orchid, and entrusts us with designing a greenhouse that also acts as an exhibition space.

The proposal is a transparent, transportable, modifiable prototype that generates the necessary climate for the survival of the orchids. Two greenhouses are manufactured, one for exhibition and the other for flowering.

Orchids require a microclimate within a very specific range. The temperature, lighting, humidity, ventilation, irrigation and nutrients of the environment must be controlled.

A double envelope is created to fulfil these needs and to formally expose the flowers.

The translucent outer membrane protects from the wind and the cold, directs the wind towards the air inlet, and depending on the orientation, allows one to see inside. The inner membrane stops direct sunlight, generates the required very bright environment and also allows one to see the exterior environment from within.

A chamber is generated between the membranes. It is laterally ventilated through a retractable roof. The air intake is floor-specific, and in case the passive systems aren't enough, the same automation system that controls the lighting activates air forcers.

Two large doors are installed on the side, inviting to walk through the greenhouse, generating a second natural ventilation tunnel.

The dimensions of each greenhouse are determined by the total transportable volume, with its weight and materials optimised to the max, using steel chassis, compact polycarbonate sheets and composite aluminium.

Greenhouse Orchid Punta del Este / Mateo Nunes Da Rosa