TypeO Loft: A Rural Retreat in Sweden Celebrates Scandinavian Design

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Conceived as a different kind of hospitality and retail experience geared towards the ‘new normal’ in travel, TypeO Loft is a secluded rural retreat in the southern Swedish region of Skåne where guests can enjoy a simplified and slower existence, as well as purchase the loft’s curated selection of household goods.

The project is the brainchild of Micha van Dinther and Magnus Wittbjer, the creative duo behind the Swedish online design store and communication, content and design studio TypeO, who set up the bed & breakfast last summer in the upper floor of their home, a converted 1842 farmstead where they live and work. Set amid rolling hills and forests, the one-bed loft is a paradigm of Scandinavian minimalism offering guests, in Wittbjer’s words, “the luxury of silence, serenity, seclusion”, along with a chance to try out the handpicked vintage furniture, bed linen and tableware before they buy them.

Set below the farm’s gable roof, the 50-square-metre open-plan space consists of a lounge area, kitchen and a bedroom area with en-suite bathroom, as well as intimate terrace where guests can spend the long summer evenings. Designed with functionality in mind, the sparsely-furnished loft is bright and airy courtesy of a triangular, floor-to-ceiling, glass façade that fills the space with natural light and views of the surrounding natural landscape.

Opting for materials and designs that are natural and sustainable, van Dinther and Wittbjer have created a space of minimalist elegance underpinned by a muted colour palette of natural wood finishes and off-white plaster. A custom-designed kitchen by Swedish brand Nordiska Kök is complemented by vintage and bespoke furniture pieces and a curated selection of household decorative and functional items ranging from ceramic tableware by designer Sizar Alexis, handmade kitchen textiles and utensils by Swedish brand Iris Hantverk, and organic bed linen by Read The Label, through to organic skincare products, carpets and artworks.

With most of these items available to purchase on-site or on demand, TypeO Loft offers a different type of retail experience based on the belief that we should surround ourselves only with what is essential, a doctrine that also applies to our physical surroundings as the loft’s remote location attests. It’s no accident after all that van Dinther and Wittbjer chose this secluded farmstead in the Swedish countryside as their home and workplace – a place where “creativity is generated and nurtured” but also a headway where guests can slow down and simply just be in the moment.

TypeO Loft: A Rural Retreat in Sweden Celebrates Scandinavian Design