Planters Filled With Bonsai Trees Cover The Exterior Of This Building

OPEN AD architecture bureau
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OPEN AD architecture bureau has designed an update to an apartment building in Riga, Latvia, that added two glass-fronted levels to the original facade, allowing it to fit within the neighboring buildings, as well as an updated rear exterior that overlooks a courtyard.

As part of the design of the new exterior of the apartment building, ‘flying’ conifers and bonsai trees were placed in cantilevered planters.

The conifers and bonsai trees are both an homage to and a modern interpretation of Art Nouveau, with its nature-inspired motifs.

The architects designed special stands and boxes for them to ‘fly’ at many levels, be visible at all times, provide comfort and inspiration to residents, and act as an innovative way to add greenery to the city.

The plants are at the heart of the building’s identity and are reflected in the logo, graphic design, and the entrance gates into the courtyard.

Let’s take a look at the rest of the building…

The apartment building in the city’s historical center comprises the remaining 20th century Art Nouveau facade with a new volume added.

The various building lobbies and common rooms have been designed with historical touches and modern furnishings, which provide spaces to meet and mingle with other residents.

Bold patterned floors create eye-catching black and white elements throughout the building.

Planters Filled With Bonsai Trees Cover The Exterior Of This Building