Circular concept city by Kaleidoscope Nordic utilizes land's natural resources in Norway

Kaleidoscope Nordic
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Architecture office Kaleidoscope Nordic introduces ‘powered by ulsteinvik’, a concept city proposal in Norway that utilizes local natural resources to generate a pleasing environment for people to live and work in. The future-oriented project takes shape as a ‘smart hub’ with urban functions and various multifunctional facilities right next to the sea. The proposal establishes a network of public institutions and private organizations, housing a city hall, a business hub, a public café, and a 24-hour innovation lab at the same time. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the existing infrastructure by combining smart grids, green buildings, shared cultivation spaces, and electric self-driving buses.


‘Powered by ulsteinvik’ by Kaleidoscope Nordic aims to create a fascinating place of life and work, while leveraging land’s natural energy. The proposal integrates ‘circular neighborhoods’, a new residential typology equipped with circulation systems and shared cultivation facilities that collect rainwater from the roof and use it throughout the apartments. Reclaimed water provides nutrient-rich water for flowers and vegetables planted on balconies as well as in the shared greenhouse — the ‘grow house’. This ‘grow house’ is equipped with a large kitchen where residents can gather, cook and eat together.

‘Generation gardens’ are also included within the city, providing a facility shared by kindergartens, youth clubs, nursing care facilities, and medical offices. There is also an outdoor area with a courtyard where children can play safely, while bringing further vitality to the environment. Kaleidoscope Nordic brings the heart of a car-reliant city to life with only minor improvements, such as creating new gatherings, better sea connections, and improved pedestrian accessibility.

Project info:

Name: powered by ulsteinvik

Architects: Kaleidoscope Nordic

Location: Norway

Illustrations: KVANT-01

rendering of the ‘powered by ulsteinvik’ proposal

rendering of the ‘powered by ulsteinvik’ proposal


the façade is fitted with a sunshade system and solar panels that power the local smart grid


the concept of circulation is implemented on the proposal’s exterior as well


natural elements blend with the architecture by kaleidoscope nordic