Shaygan Gostar reinvents the architecture of rural Iran to create this 'wicker house'

Shaygan Gostar architectural group
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In a village outside the iranian city of Noor, Shaygan Gostar architectural group completes its wicker house. The site is located within the northern Mazandaran region, an area which has has seen a rapidly evolving architectural vernacular informed by shifting climate conditions and the growing district. The house is defined by its compact size and dramatically sloping wicker A-frame roof elevated atop low stilts. It was designed as a celebration of the local architecture and the heritage of the area.

The team notes: ‘this architecture regarding the structure was completely dependent on the nature — that is to say, for construction of a building, all the components of the architecture natively have been prepared from the nature of the local region‘.


With its grassy wicker house, Shaygan Gostar architectural group (see more here) sought to create a space which conforms to the local architecture while introducing a contemporary expression. The structure is conceived as a composition of simple geometries. The main volume takes shape as a slivered triangular wedge, with a black box embedded into its side. This box opens up the interior and creates a large frame of the landscape. Overall, the house creates a new view and experience of the natural context.


Shaygan Gostar architectural group originally intended to build its wicker house near a swath of agricultural land. However, after surveying the site, the team instead selected a plot overlooking a dam and the distant reflected landscape beyond.

The A-frame cabin is wrapped in thatch and clay and straw — a type of plant fiber which has long been used to cover the roofs of rural houses. The team comments: ‘for proper coordination with the background and maintaining the available space so that it can be in harmony with the rural houses left from the past. A long gable roof has been used at cabin form to be close to the rural housing typology.’

Project info:

Project title: wicker house

Architecture: Shaygan Gostar architectural group | @pedramshaygan1

Location: Shahrkoola village, Mazandaran, Noor, Iran

Lead architect: Pedram Shaygan

Built area: 50 square meters

Completion: 2020

Photography: parham taghioff | @parhamtaghioff

Shaygan Gostar reinvents the architecture of rural Iran to create this 'wicker house'

shaygan gostar wraps the house in clay and straw