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CLB Architects
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Plume references a geyser in sculptural form, cyclically undulating to the rhythm of the earth’s core and the prevailing weather of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. A reinforced, wood frame skeletal system is draped in layered white fabric that is illuminated from within.

Two perpendicular portals are cut into the volume allowing both visual and physical movement through the space. Unlike the naturally occurring geysers found in the region, this built intervention can be occupied and engaged with. Inside the installation, a library has been set up as an interactive book exchange for visitors.

Set on the grounds of the Teton County Library, Plume is part of the annual GlowNights celebration, an exhibit of light-based installations put on by the Jackson Hole Public Art.

The various artworks energize community public spaces in an effort to bring people together during the darkest nights of the year. One of four temporary installations this winter, this is CLB's 4th year participating in GlowNights.

Plume Installation / CLB Architects