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Overwolf Office / Switchup

Overwolf is an engine for in-game creators, empowering them to scale and monetize in-game applications and mods. Overwolf works on behalf of both game developers and gamers themselves to make gaming a more enjoyable and rich experience for everyone. Following this love of gaming, Switchup sought to create an office space that provides necessary functions for working, collaborating, and meeting while also paying homage to the very thing that brings Overwolf’s team together: a love of gaming.

Upon entering the Overwolf office space, it becomes abundantly clear what sort of business is conducted therein. The ferocious logo is one indicator, but the exaggerated stone archway looks straight out of a video game—indicating straight away that this is a community and a company committed to gaming and making gaming better.

Much of the Overwolf space is suited to non-traditional work, including these bleacher-style seats, perfect for casual working or morning all-hands meetings. Comfy, squishy lounge chairs adorn the top of the bleachers, while café tables and chairs create an impromptu work desk. The black and red motif continues with red digital characters wrapped around stone pillars. Floor-to-ceiling windows give wonderful views of the city, and plant life brings a natural element to the otherwise dark features.

The vast, high ceilinged kitchen space at Overwolf has double fridges, a drink cooler, and an oversized kitchen island to provide more than enough space to prep and cook team lunches. While black accents carry in the color story to the kitchen, it is primarily light and bright, giving employees a calm area in which to take a lunchtime break.

Small features throughout the Overwolf office nod to the company’s gaming focus. A shelf of characters and knick-knacks is balanced by plant life. Seats that take the shape of video game props, like a cartoon anvil, take the place of footstools and seats to give the place an even more whimsical and playful feel.

Overwolf Office / Switchup


  • Ramat Gan, Israel
  • Switchup