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BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE Pop Up Cafe Shibuya / Schemata Architects

This project was started when James Freeman, the founder of Blue Bottle Coffee, gave me the offer after a long time.

This development began in response to the fact that the face-to-face customer service was becoming increasingly difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and measures for indirect customer service were needed. The design was inspired by the image of a beehive.

Until recently, it was important to always place the counter in front of the entrance to welcome people, but unfortunately, it is no longer feasible. Now, the key is how to convey the warmth in an indirect way. We decided to basically use wood to create a mechanism that softly glows in response to the opening and closing of the door, and covered the surface with acrylic which was frosted to let the glow gently seep out.

The resulting "locker-style sales fixture" is now available at the front of the store, where you can order and buy drinks from a dedicated drink ordering terminal, and you may need to wait a little. But soon, you will be able to order remotely with a mobile app and buy a delicious cup of coffee with no time to wait. This fixture will be used more widely in combination with such seamless sales methods.

BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE Pop Up Cafe Shibuya / Schemata Architects


  • 2-chōme-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan
  • Schemata Architects