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Underground eco-resort and spa is dug into the earth

The PEAK Resort and Spa by Studio Symbiosis will be located in the natural desert landscape of Udaipur, Rajasthan in India. The villas will be dug into the landscape on a slope, drawing in southern cooling winds to combat the heat.

The design concept combines the inspiration of the regional architecture of Rajasthan with a modern take on a hexagonal pattern. The shape is used in the shape of the villa courtyards, green roof landscaping and the shading pergolas.

“The original contours of the site have been used as an interface to create architecture,” the designers said.

Thereby, each villa is nestled into the landscape. These villas have been created by excavating the earth in the location of the villas only, to create minimum disruption to the natural beauty of the site.

The hexagonal pattern is a unifying element for the design, even extending to the shapes of the villa pools. It creates a sense of harmony and cohesiveness to the site. Meanwhile, the bodies of water embedded in the site and natural wind flow bring cooling air south to north over the villas that are dug into the terrain.

Additionally, the project uses materials dug out of the landscape in a closed-loop construction. Rocks, mud and natural fibers are turned into building bricks to create the villas. All together, it’s an unobtrusive and sustainable way to create a peaceful retreat, a far cry from a high-rise hotel in the desert. Even the bodies of water have been integrated into the homes as backyard pools, so they serve a function in natural cooling as well as being recreational focal points.

So how do you get into the underground villas? They are built into a slope with a green roof. There will be a main entrance at ground level at the base of the slope. On approach, you see the pool area and back door to each villa, like a honeycomb of pools and windows. Landscaping plants are planted into hexagonal zones on top of the roof you pass under to get into the spa. Even the pergolas have a neat nesting hexagonal design, providing playful shadows on the ground while functional as shades over the pool.

Underground eco-resort and spa is dug into the earth


  • Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
  • Studio Symbiosis