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A large-scale urban agriculture project Porte des Lilas

Located in the booming district of Porte des Lilas in Paris, Le Vitalys is a 13 m000 office building spread over 2 floors and 6 ground floor levels.

On behalf of the management company Primonial REIM France, Sefal Property commissioned aKagreen to green the asset and thus participate in improving the environmental performance of Vitalys.

Respecting residents' requests with a project that upholds their values: this is the concept of this green project by aKagreen, which takes up the challenge magnificently and sees things big. The challenge: to bring the campaign back to Paris and raise employee awareness of the preservation and protection of biodiversity in the city.

On the roof, the start-up is installing different spaces for residents: dining area, edible hedge, vegetable garden, relaxation area, educational and therapeutic path on the vegetable tables... the result is dense and lush.

In total, no less than 1042 plants have been installed outdoors, including 728 on the roof terrace. For a rendering almost in the ground, the start-up has planted a huge 7m X 9m tray in which more than 80 cm of substrate can accommodate plantations, including some trees several meters high. For the interior common areas, we recognize the touch of aKagreen. More than 300 plants have been installed in hydroculture.

The plant scenography has been designed in order to be able to preserve as much of the plants already present on site as possible. A natural “reuse” which is part of responsible revegetation and which is part of an overall plan for the differentiated and natural management of green spaces to preserve the proposed environment. Small daily gestures which, on a large scale, are useful for the planet!

True to its ambition to support a reconnection to nature in a significant and concrete way, aKagreen signs here its first urban agriculture project. A new course for the start-up which hopes to materialize the realization of a dozen other external projects by the end of the year.

A large-scale urban agriculture project Porte des Lilas


  • Av. de la Prte des Lilas, Paris, France
  • aKagreen