A Shallow Pool Sits On Top Of This Modern Library

3andwich Design
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3andwich Design together with He Wei Studio, has completed the Water Drop Library that’s located in Shuangyue Bay Central Park in Huizhou City, China.

The building sits on top of a hill, looking out towards the sea, and has been designed as “a white library under a pool of water”.

The round design with a bowl-shaped roof allows for a shallow rooftop pool. Guests to the library can follow the hidden path on the north side of the long wall to the small platform in the pool.

A platform in the middle of the pool can be reached through stepping stones that match the water’s surface.

Upon entering, guests are welcomed into the reading space, with a bookshelf that wraps around the exterior wall of a dark room, and follows the curves of the building.

Tiered levels act as steps as well as additional seating.

Floor-to-ceiling windows follow the curve of the building and provide uninterrupted views of the water.

The dark room, which is central to the library, is used for small exhibitions or gatherings.

There’s also a tea room, designed with tea tables and seats, which can be used for solitude or for talks.

A Shallow Pool Sits On Top Of This Modern Library