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Atelier pierre thibault punctuates hydroelectric plant with loggias in quebec

Located in the once abandoned village of val-jabert in quebec, canada. Architecture practice atelier pierre thibault took charge in architecturally establishing a new program, and connecting to its historic past.

Situated by the running river of ouiatchouan, the ghost town dates back to 1901 where there use to be a pulp company. presently, a hydroelectric plant sits against the unspoiled landscape and its façade is characterized by a timber envelope. acting like a screen for the concrete structure, a succession of protruding porches punctuate the façade at various distances.

The hydroelectric plant plays a part in the tourism side of the area. developed as a trail sheltered, the wooden lath system acts as a pathway interweaving around the plant, but also filters natural light preventing overheating during summer. neighboring the plant is the notable presence of the old mill, this juxstapose with old and new becomes a focal point of the visual frame and the distance between them allows an appreciation of the site by the conservation of the natural landscape.

a timber paneled screen envelops the building


  • Quebec City, QC, Canada
  • atelier pierre thibault