piratininga arquitetos highlights historical features in apartment renovation

piratininga arquitetos
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located in the first steel constructed building in belo horizonte, brazil, piratininga arquitetos refurbished a 600sqm apartment highlighting this historical characteristic that was already inherent to the space.

the project aimed to make out of such big area, a home perfectly suited for the occupancy of only two people. the architectural design proposal completely rewrites the original configuration of the apartment by setting the circulation of the space around a conceptual axis that starts at the home-office and extends into the master bedroom where the addition of two indoor gardens, one on each side, maintains the flat’s original proportions.

the main purpose of the axis is to serve as a place to organize and showcase the client’s art collection, arranging it in a gallery of steel shelving. cabinets were added to exhibit personal items, while the library, also made of steel, contains the books. the social area comprises the kitchen, living room, dining room and TV room, all part of a big open space. the pantry and toilet are also located in this area, but enclosed in panel boxes.

the apartment renovation creates new conditions for natural light and ventilation, allowing a visual connection between the windows and the different faces of the building. the decision to reveal the construction details and pipes, and to use materials such as concrete and steel is the result of wanting to reference the concept of the original building.

piratininga arquitetos highlights historical features in apartment renovation

the open social area has a gallery feeling thanks to the owners exhibited art collection


the steel axis ends in the home office where it turns into a library


the glass-walled indoor garden allows space continuity and gives a sense of the outdoors


the exposed iron beams painted in white add up as a the principal element of the design


the open kitchen plan design not only incorporates it into the social area, but allows for guest entertainment