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A Tube Shaped Treehouse Wrapped In Diamond-Shaped Metal Tiles

Artistree, a company that creates treehouses and tiny homes, has shared photos of their design named “The Spyglass Treehouse”, which provides a unique window into the surrounding environment.

Inspired by old-fashioned spyglasses used to magnify what is in the distance, this treehouse brings you up close to nature with its round spherical design and an open window looking out into the forest, while the exterior features fire-resistant, diamond-shaped metal tiles.

Supported by a living redwood, Artistree designed the Spyglass to move with the tree and give guests a true sense of being up in the canopy, while a small bridge provides access.

Inside the curved design, there’s a blend of reclaimed wood and bespoke furnishings, making the most of the interior space. The bed is located the furthest away from the entry and has bedside tables and wall-mounted lamps on either side.

A bookshelf with hidden lighting is positioned next to the kitchenette that includes a penny tile backsplash.

Opposite the kitchen is the bathroom with a shower and a sauna.

The treehouse opens to a partially covered deck that wraps around a large tree and has a cedar hot tub that overlooks the forest ravine.

A Tube Shaped Treehouse Wrapped In Diamond-Shaped Metal Tiles


  • Scotts Valley, CA, USA
  • Artistree